Literacy Village Schedule

Juneteenth 2021
Literacy Village June 19, 12:00-5:00pm
Mill Hill Park

Welcome-Ivey Avery, Jocelyn White
Todd Evans and the Don Evans Players

Storyteller-Teska Frisby
Different, Just Like You

Storyteller- Corey Laramore
It’s All About You

Storyteller-Davon Clark
The Adventures of Prada Enchilada

Storyteller- Tona Buck
S.T.O.P. Safe Touches Only

Storyteller-Lana Whitehead
Little LeyLey’s Tall Tales

Storyteller-Nekiel Butler
Poetry, Soulful Expressions, The Harlem Renaissanc

Storyteller-Yolanda L. Robinson
Don’t Be Bitter Be Better

Storyteller—Jaquan Levons
Pedal Pedal

Each storyteller will have 20 minutes to read, so they finish up 10 minutes prior to their ending time. For example, the reader scheduled for 1:00-1:30 would finish at 1:20/1:25 so there would be time to set up the next reader. Jocelyn and I will serve as timekeepers to try to stay on schedule as much as possible. We all know that schedules can often go off course for many different reasons. The extra time in each time slot will allow artist to wrap up and we can get the next storyteller set up. This is just a draft and is subject to change. If necessary.