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Greetings Everyone,

September 10, 2020, New Jersey Governor Phil D. Murphy signed legislation (S19), which designates the third Friday in June as a State and public holiday, known as Juneteenth Day.

The African American Cultural Collaborative of Mercer County (AACCofMC) in partnership with the NJ Legislative District 15 (Senator Shirley Turner. Assemblywoman Verlina Reynolds Jackson and Assemblyman Anthony Verelli) are planning the first ever city-wide Juneteenth celebration. Tapping collaborators such as the Outdoor Equity Alliance (OEA), the Mercer County Park Commission (MCPC) and the City of Trenton. The purpose of this carefully planned and socially distanced event is to highlight a few very poignant and current issues through displays of culture, collaboration, commerce, unity and education. Although the weekend will center on contributions of African-American people in our area, we invite other communities and groups to contribute to create a fuller, truer picture of the African-American experience state wide.

The City of Trenton as the central location for this event, comprises more than 60% minorities, yet the cohesiveness that ancestrally connects at least 45% of the residents, has never been shared in this format across cultures. The planning team will work proactively to engage and educate the community at every age and socioeconomic level to foster awareness and shared connectedness.

Our intent is that people will come away with a greater understanding of the African-American experience as a part of our collective history and a greater commitment to mutual understanding, mutual collaboration for the mutual benefit of all. “No one is free until we are all free.” That was the message of the first Juneteenth and that is our message today.

Vendor Information

Event Dates, Time, and Location-

Invite Only
– June 17th
Time– 5 PM- 9 PM
Event Location-Mill Hill Park

All vendors selling require a City Permit. Vendors selling food require a Health Permit and City Permit. Remember the City Permit Fee is included in the vendor fee.The African American Cultural Collaborative of Mercer County Vendor Chair will pick up all City Permits.YOU WILL RECEIVE A COPY OF THE CITY PERMIT AND HEALTH PERMIT ON THE DAY OF THE EVENT.

Parking– Vendor and presenter parking will be located at 1 West Lafayette Street Trenton, NJ and 16 East Front Street Trenton, NJ.

Parking Pass– All vendors and presenters will receive a parking pass.

Food and Beverage
Vendors are responsible for obtaining a Health Permit($50.00). The Vendor Chair will assist if needed with obtaining the Health Permit. All Permit applications will be submitted to the City of Trenton.

Vendor Supplies
All vendors must supply their own tent, table, chairs, generators, etc. POWER WILL NOT BE PROVIDED.

The rain date for the event is the following weekend, June 24th and June 25th.

Event Updates– For updates visit our website at or