Vendor Application 

All vendors interested in participating in the festivities must complete the application online using the form below or by submitting the printable form. Upon careful consideration of your application a Vendor Committee Member will contact you with your approval status and any additional details that may follow. However, failure to submit a completed application and proper payment could result in your application being rescinded. 

If cooking items are on the premises, the vendor will be responsible for the Health Permits. 

All permit information is under the Permits tab on our website.


Payment: Online payments can be made via PayPal @[email protected]

Levitt Amp Concert Series:

Merchandise– $50.00
Authors– $50.00
Nonprofits selling – $25.00
Nonprofits (not selling)-$0.00

Juneteenth Vendor Fees:

Merchandise– $125.00
Nonprofits selling – $75.00
Nonprofits (not selling)-$25.00
Authors– $105.00
10 by 10 Tent Rental (Optional)– $225.00

REFUND POLICY: There are no refunds. All purchases are final.

Important Information: All Vendors cooking food on the premises or using any type of fire or cooking apparatus will be REQUIRED to obtain a Fire Permit for an additional fee (for assistance contact us at (609)474-4073).  

Not provided: Vendors are required to bring Tables, Chairs, Tents, Electricity, Cleaning supplies, or any item that is required by statute as outlined in the Fire and Health Permits. AACCofMC does NOT provide any equipment required to run your vending station.